All You Need to Know About Googlebot


In the race of making your website on the first page of search engine, have you ever imagined how it actually works behind the scenes?

Well, we most of the time focus on Search Engine Optimization and leave the concept named as Googlebot optimization.

Let’s start from the basics i.e. Googlebot in this article.

What is Googlebot:

Googlebot is Google search bot that crawls the websites and updates Google indexing. It is also named as Spider.


In Simple Words:

Googlebot gather the information of the web pages and notice if any changes or updates happened then it uses this information for Google Indexing.

Now, What is Google Indexing?

The information got by Googlebot that used for the updates is Google index.

Wonder, how many pages bot crawls?

Well, it crawls every page that the user allows access to. Your site is being crawled after a few seconds.

Googlebot Vs Google Index


Googlebot retrieves content from the web whereas Google index takes the content from Googlebot and use it to rank page.

So, Googglebot is the first step i.e. crawling to reach the page rank right.


Here are some thoughts come in mind about Googlebots.

Can Googlebot see my pages?

Since Googlebot is the way Google updates their index, it is essential that Googlebot can see your pages. Isn’t it?

To get to know what Google see from your website, follow the steps given below:

Type “site:” infront of your domain name. By doing this you will be requesting the pages Google has indexed for your website.

For example:

Be Sure:

This is your next step to ensure that Googlebot is seeing all your content of the links correctly.

A quick reminder, Googlebot is a computer and cannot see the image as humans. So it sees only the coding behind the image which you tell it by naming or coding it.

The same way image coding seen by bots, Webpage and other content is also a coding for the Spiders.

Can I Control Googlebot?

The most interesting thought ever came in my mind is, Can I really control the googlebot!

The answer is yes, You can.


By using robot.txt file you can allow spiders where to crawl and where not to.

Pretty simple no?

Googlebots and Sitemaps

“A sitemap is a file where you can list the web pages of your site to tell Google and other search engines about the organization of your site content. Search engine web crawlers like Googlebot read this file to more intelligently crawl your site.” Says Google.

Sitemap creates a list of ulrs and other data that spiders use as guidance when crawling your webpages.

Another platform you can control Googlebot is

Google Search Console

You can actually slower the speed of Spider by changing the crawl rate.

Google search console optimize your website and helps in improving your site performance by giving alerts on issues and fix your site.

Types of Googlebots

There are nine types of Googlebots:

  • Googlebot (Google Web search)
  • Google Smartphone
  • Google Mobile (Feature phone)
  • Googlebot Images
  • Googlebot Video
  • Googlebot News
  • Google Adsense
  • Google Mobile Adsense
  • Google Adsbot (landing page quality check)

If you need more information then visit Google crawlers , support page provided by Google.

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