Google Ad Campaign for Non-Active Players

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Google is launching an ad campaign for mobile games.


After the Big Update of Google that is Broad Core Florida2, Google has revealed a new update for the mobile games business.

The vice president of product for mobile app, Sissie Hsiao stated that they are trying to increase the lifetime value of players with new features that engage players early and coming back soon. Sounds interesting!

Hsiao will talk about these new features on Wednesday, March 20, at GDC 2019 next week.

“We’re seeing that half the installs come within the first eight weeks of a launch,” Hsiao said. “That reinforces the importance of the launch.”

In this campaign, Google is going to target inactive-users.

The group is going to generate among active inactive users.

Now, the game starts here!

Google is going to target the non-players with ads which mean the active players are now free from the disruptive ads. This is known as “Smart Segmentation” Technology.

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How it Works!

In this campaign, to re-engage inactive players new ad units are designed and generate revenue from non-spending players. This is beneficial for the game developers in growing their business.

  • After predicting the targeted audience, Google’s smart segmentation would create advertising groups in spending and non-spending players.
  • The second group is more likely to target with ads in-purchases.

Well, Smart segmentation is available only for gaming ads for now. But I hope to see this technology in more advertisement categories as well.

The other ad updates by Google are listed below:

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