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When it comes to submitting a website, a list comes in our mind right! But which step we should follow first? Here’s the step by step guide on how to submit a website, whether it is a newbies or just adding contents.

Let’s check what things we need to keep in mind before submitting our website.

First, cross check your website and edit it if needed. Well, backend access is not necessary for website submission. Easy to use that I have found is FTP which is useful for a new webmaster and definitely for the expert one.


Most search engines have their own set of webmaster tools to help us manage our web presence. However, the big two you really need which I prefer are:

• Google Search Console

• Bing Webmaster Tools

1. Create a Sitemap Index with Categorized Sitemaps

Sitemap helps to make our process of managing our indexing so easy for webmasters and search engines as well.


Multiple sitemaps can be created depending on the type of your website. Even Image sitemap can help to boost your image optimization technique.

Sitemap index can be used as root and linked to each sitemap from there.

Yoast plugin:

Everything can be done automatically. Time Saver!

yoast plugin

Outside WordPress! There are many other tools which can be used to create your sitemap like Screaming Frog.

screaming frog

For advanced technology lovers, Python can help to reorganize XML sitemap.

Uploading XML Sitemap through FTP

FTP access can really save your time here.

If this is your first experience, then simply follow these simple steps:

• Search for your public_html directory.
• Open your public_html directory.
• Upload your sitemaps to that directory.

That’s Perfect!

Don’t forget to test your website to make sure it has been done perfectly.

Simply add sitemap.xml at the end of your website To test your URL. For example:

2. Optimize Your Robots.txt

What does Robot.txt do with your website? As your sitemap has been created and optimized.


In the next step, to make search engines to crawl and index your website, simply follow the steps below:

Add a Link to Your Sitemap:

By adding a link to your sitemap file in your robot.txt would help search engines to quickly locate your sitemap and may improve your crawl rate. As simple as that.

Double Check Disallow Directives

If you’re launching a new website, don’t forget to check this:

Disallow: /

Those simple two lines of text will block all search engines from crawling your website. Be Careful at this initial level.


After submitting the Website, let’s do the submission of individual pages. So here are the following tools which are used to submit individual pages:

Google Search Console – URL Inspection Tool
google search console

It is an “URL Inspection Tool” which allows webmasters to get instant feedback about how Google perceives certain aspects of a webpage.

One of the best features of this tool is the ability to request indexing. After request indexing, you can get your site indexed in just 30 minutes.

To check your indexing just run this formula on Google.

Bing Webmaster Tools – Submit URLs
bing webmaster

This is a “Submit URLs Tool”. Bing allows webmasters to submit up to 10,000 URLs per day. Isn’t it great to add this to your marketing checklist?


Apart from the site submission, SEO is very important. Link building strategies may really help you. For better performance, it’s always better to work on multiple methods rather than just one right!

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