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From the time online shopping has started, it is getting more difficult for the local businesses to get foot traffic.

It’s kind of a nightmare for local stores when almost everyone is experiencing online shopping. Especially, when the costumers are getting their products delivered right at their doorsteps.

Do you really feel that each and every one just sits and shop under their roof?

Well, it’s not true. There are still a number of people who just don’t like to sit and do online shopping. They would rather prefer to visit a local store to first see and try the product before buy it online.

So, here is the time to use your trump i.e. Google Maps.

Advertising on Google Maps

Google Maps is the most popular advertising platform in the world of internet. Most people use worldwide navigation to reach at their destinations whether it’s a local store or any other place.

So, there is an immense opportunity for local stores and businesses to invest in this navigation platform to increase foot traffic.

In this article, you will get a detailed guide on how and why to consider advertising on Google Maps.

How Google Maps work:

The advertisements shown in the search engine are paid ads. To see more details you click on it and can see the reviews, photos, and contact details. You might be familiar with this thing right.

Local search Google Maps work the same way as the other PPC ads. When a user clicks on your ad, you pay for it.

Then what’s new!!

Recently Google has announced few changes to the format of the ads shown on the Maps. These changes were introduces to help local businesses to increase their visibility and attract more foot traffic, according to Google.

 Here are the features which Google has added:

Promoted Pins

A purple colored pin is introduced to stand out of the crowd of red pins known as promoted pin. This purple pin would now show up the advertised locations on Google Maps.

This is how promoted pins look like:

For making your location more attractive and stand out of the competition, use your logo with the promoted pin as shown in the example above.

By a click away, users can get the related information about your store and its products.

In-Store Promotions

Along with the purple pin, in-store promotions like coupons and deals on their local business ad can be shown on Google Maps.


This feature is the great way to attract more customers by showing up your deals of your local store online. You can also take your competitor’s customers by showing your exciting offers!

Local Inventory Search

Users can search their products of interest by clicking on your ad. This is great and helpful for the customer so that they can make sure that the desired product is available or not in the local store they are going to visit.  Google makes it simple and easy.

Advantages of Advertising on Google Maps

Before you start the process of advertising on Google Map, lets discuss few of the benefits of using this incredible platform.

Increase Visibility

To make your ad out from the crowd of other advertisements, Google Maps ads help you to take you out of the sea of advertisements and increase your visibility.

Promoted pins come in the different color other than the other pins like non-promoted pins i.e. purple and even show your logo on the map.

Moreover, this is the right time to use Google Maps because this platform is relatively new for the local retailers and this is the right time to give it a shot and get more foot traffic other than your local competitors.

Reach People on the Go

As we know that the navigation app is mobile. This means by Google Maps you can reach your people regardless of their location at the moment they search for you.

Google revealed in a Summit, that one-third of mobile searches are related to the location.

So, if you are advertising your local business on Google Maps means most of the people will find you at time they need you.

Drive Action

Advertising on Google Maps can prompt users to take actions, rather than just to increase visibility.

For instance, around 75% of users who search up for a product/service/location nearby are likely to visit a store within the next 24 hours.

Moreover, 28% of those searches end up in an actual purchase .

In this, Google Maps encourage customers to engage with several features like call or get directions.

How to Advertise on Google Maps

Here’s a step-by-step guide in how to advertise on Google Maps.

Set Up Your Ads

It’s a few minutes game to setup for your ads on Google Maps.

How to do that:

  • Update & Verify Your Google My Business (GMB) Listing

First, you need to create a listing for your business on Google and get it verified officially.

Click on “Start Now” to set up your account in Google My Business.

Next, follow the step-by-step instructions here

Once when you are done, you will get an email for verification purpose. It might take a time for about a week. By this verification, Google will verify your location is real. This is an important part though.

  • Connect Your Google Ads Account & Enable Local Extensions

Now, when your verification is done! Go ahead to the next level i.e. make your Google Ads account.

Don’t use different emails for both GMB and the Google Ads accounts.

After signing up into Google Ads, Go to Ad Extensions.

Then select Location extensions.

local extension

Next, click Finish after cross checking all the information fed by you.

  • Target & Bid by Specific Locations

After you’ve set up your location extensions, you need to target specific locations and bid by location to make the most out of your ads.

Go over to Keywords & Targeting > Locations.

Here, select one or more locations and adjust your bids next to Bid adjustment.

For more guidance, here is a support link from Google.

  • Target Specific Keywords

Don’t forget to optimize the keywords you use in your ads.

Keep track of what your audience in your area is searching for and use the data to optimize your ads and campaigns.

Use a mix of both general and particular keywords. Google recommends using 5-20 keywords per ad group.

Here is more information on how to use the right keywords in your ads .

  • Track Performance

You can track the performance easily for your ads on Google Maps.

You can see the tons of metrics to help you measure the performance of your ads. By simply going in your Google Ads account.

Go to the campaigns in your account.

Click on Segment>Click Type

That’s easy no?


Though the popularity of online shopping is increasing day by day, statics show that mobile searchers are still looking for local businesses constantly. That means local physical retailers have still chance for targeting their people, they can work on their advertisements and get the foot traffic towards their store.

Advertising on Google Map is simple and take less time to set up.

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