Update About Updates- Google Confirmed March 2019 Core Update: Florida 2


Danny Sullivan of Google has finally confirmed that Google has updated its algorithm i.e. another “broad core update”. Google stated that it is big and important at the same time of all the updates this year. This update is decided to call as Update Florida 2.

Google Update Florida2

How Big and Important:

Based on the past updates, this update is the biggest updates in years and important as well as I have got to know about it.

The last Updates were about the change how sites are ranked and the last year update by Google which is known as Neural Matching.

This update has raised the bars I must say as we get to know more about it you would better understand that why I have said that.

The goal of Broad Core Update

Google is not targeting anything.


Yes, in a broad core algorithm Google is not targeting anything. “Anything” includes that Google is not targeting any particular signals like quality.

Google’s John Mueller has passed that core updates target specific niches. But some in the SEO industries denies this.

There is Nothing to fix?

The reason behind this is that Broad core updates do not target websites, niches or qualities. Sullivan offered the previous guidance on broad core updates. The guidance was a tweeted statement that there is nothing to fix.


How to Respond a Broad Core Update

After analyzing a number of websites, I analyzed that websites had been affected by this update.

Many factors can affect a web page’s ranking like links which is a highly important ranking factor and one common matter which I locate was like a change in how Google interprets a search query. This can also affect a page ranking.

What a Broad Core Update is?

For the purpose of better understanding in search queries and web pages, Broad core updated an improvement to Google. These improvements help Google to match search queries to webpages more accurately and improve user satisfaction though. Thus user satisfaction is the main goal of broad core updates.

Why it is named as Florida 2?

In early 2000, Google updated an algorithm known as Florida which proves as an important algorithm. It was named after “Pubcon Florida SEO conference”. The name as Google Florida Update 2 was decided by the founder of Pubcon and WebmasterWorld,  Brett Tabke.

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