A Day At Google Office – Google Attribution 360 and Analytics Master Class – Gurugram, India



Yesterday was really something. Got up early in the morning as we were going to visit Google India. Day started with a really hectic journey of 6 hours 260 Kilo ms.

Google held a special seminar for Agents and its paid campaign users.  The class was called #ProductMasterclass. There we get to know tips and tricks about #AdwordsSearch, #DoubleClickCampaignManagement, #Analytics&Analytics360*, #Attribution360.

The main thing we learned about was Attribution 360. It is product that coming really soon in India but is already working in United States. This is going to to be big transformation in #PaidMarketing as it will provide you such a great statistic view with the help of which you may boost the results far much faster than its been done till now.

The class was for more than  7 hours and we really enjoyed our visit there. The instructors were very highly expert in their work and the way they taught us was really great.

We had laugh out’s there we had serious discussion’s and last but not least we had a great meal. Google is really serious in what they do. Google’s pantry was far much bigger that my office. And serving different kind of meals.

A day well spent.


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