Hardware Manufacturer Reached Max Capacity Through SEO Content Strategy



Hardware Manufacturer Reached Max Capacity Through SEO Content Strategy

This client is a bulk contract hardware manufacturer.

One of the major challenges we identified when we first spoke to them was that the company is in a very targeted niche.

Since they do not deal with end-customer products, the search volumes for most of their ‘money keywords’ was low.

The bright side, however, is that every single lead that converts into a customer has a very high lifetime value (LTV) in terms of revenues.

Although the competition is fierce, the cost-per-click (CPC) for the major keywords is above 10 USD.

Our SEO Strategy

1. Created a Comprehensive Content Strategy

Our team figured out the company’s most valuable keyword and wrote a 2000-word pillar article along with relevant images and links. We then built a topic cluster around this piece, that consisted of secondary articles related to the main one.

Although the article was published in May 2019, it wasn’t able to attract Google’s attention since the domain was new.

It was time to move on to the next step..

2. Executed Aggressive Backlink Outreach Campaign

Our outreach team planned to secure opportunities for backlinks from other websites in the same niche so that we would get some links to the pillar and cluster articles.

3. Layered on More Content

Strengthening a website’s existing content has almost always brought results in the past, so we used that strategy here as well.

As soon as we began to see some of the keywords appearing in the lower SERPs (Search Engine Results Page) of Google, we revisited the pillar content and layered it with more valuable and helpful information for readers.

The article was now a hefty 3000 words, and we created some more secondary articles around it. After a month, the number of keywords being indexed in Google increased, with some long-tail keywords even appearing on the first page of SERP. The content was now driving 80-90% of traffic to the site and getting the client dozens of high-value inquiries. In late August 2019, we updated more content on the article, and the traffic began to explode. Most of the high-value keywords were ranking high in Google, and some even captured the coveted ‘rich snippet’ real estate on the SERPs!


This is a classic case of how carefully researched articles and a well-planned content strategy play a vital role in bringing search traffic to the site.

The pillar content and topic cluster bring in 80% of traffic to the brand new site.

Most of our client’s leads come through this traffic.

Additionally, there were more than 2,000 keywords indexed in Google, dozens of them on the first and second pages. All these keywords were generic ones and did NOT include the client’s brand or website name. These were, of course, ranked between positions 1 and 3 in SERP in almost all Google local country databases.

Our client started to rank globally for major ‘money keywords’, getting valuable leads from various places. The business grew to its maximum production capacity.

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